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Shri Nathpuram , Malahapur,
Shahjanpur, NH - 2, Agra Road,
Sirsaganj, Distt. Firozabad - 283 151


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09927900334, 09412267065,
09837099120, 09410632704,

Managing Director


Laxmi Chandra Yadav
"Chhote Sir"

Sirsaganj Public School is an out come of the blessings of revered Maa Sarswatiji, Swami Gyananandji, Swami Nath Babaji, Swami Shiva Nand ji, My Parents, My Teachers, My well wishers and the pressing necessity of adjoining area.

The dream I heartily wish to materialize through this school is to produce such many sided geniuses as will not only serve their motherland sincerely, efficiently and responsibly but also global eligibilities proudly. My dream is to produce not certificate holders but creators, artists, scientists, torch- bearers humanitarians and citizens of strong moral character who will liberate suffering mankind from various kinds of disguised slavery. It is my mission to produce self- reliant, self- confident, self- disciplined and self- respecting sons and daughters of mother India who will transform the curses of society into blessings and will build India an ideal nation.

On the basis of long experience of managing the school in this area, I can claim belief and cooperation of the guardians and dare assure them to regenerate their wards with qualitative and value- based education.

May my dreams come true!

Laxmi Chandra Yadav
Resi : Nagla Gulal